Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday, April 3 2013: The Drive Home

City Mission

Carnegie at Dusk

Apart from new rules, another change with this new project is that I have two new cameras. Besides Mark's Konica Minolta D'image Z6 (which I like because of it's macro capabilities) and my Nikon D40 (which is my first DSLR), I now have an iPhone 4s and a Nikon D200 which my dad gave me when he upgraded.

During my last project I was sometimes frustrated that in order to take a picture I had to always lug a biggish camera around--I didn't have a pocket-sized point and shoot to keep in my purse. So if I was out all day and had forgotten my D40 (as happened today), I would have to scramble around before bed to take some pictures. Now, I always have my phone with me, so I can take pictures almost any time.

Today Mark and I drove to Toledo for a meeting, and on the way back I realized I hadn't yet taken any pictures. I've tried taking pictures from a moving car in the past, and have felt there's just no hope in getting anything good. But I had fun tonight trying to be creative and find some good shots, and was pleasantly surprised with these two.

The City Mission photo happened when we had slowed down for a red light, but then it turned green, so I got a little blur--I really like the effect. For Carnegie at Dusk I stuck my iPhone out the window when we were stopped at a red light--it turned green just as I snapped the picture. I love the color of the sky and the tree silhouetted against it. 

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