Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday, April 5 2013: Breakfast and Cleveland Clinic

French Toast

French Toast 2


Cleveland Clinic Hallway

Cleveland Clinic Atrium

Ava Rose

Yesterday I ended up having three quick shooting sessions: Isaac at breakfast, a visit to Mark's mom at  the Clinic (she was in for a minor surgery, nothing serious), and Ava Rose in the evening.

I remember in previous attempts to take pictures each day, I felt pressure to find just the right time to take pictures. I might think of getting my camera out at a random time (like breakfast yesterday), but pre-judge and over think it: "These won't be any good. I need to be more intentional about planning a time to take pictures later."

I'm trying to listen to any impulse I have to take out a camera, and not talk myself out of it. I have found this to be much more fun, and it has resulted in some nice pictures.

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Dinger said...

I totally get that about hearing that voice that says to shoot. I also listen; you really have regrets if you don't. It also convinces you that you really do need to have a camera on you at all times. Almost.