Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Monday, April 1 2013: Living Room at the End of the Day

Living Room at the End of the Day

My first 365 project was a lot of fun, but I had plenty of days where I had forgotten to take any pictures till the end of the day (or just didn't feel like it), and I put pressure on myself to get something good and get it posted that day.

I'm happy with my new rules. So far, instead of feeling like I need to get a great shot and get it online before bed, I've just had fun making sure to get the camera out each day and do something. I'm just glad to have an excuse to take some pictures, even if I can't make a whole event of it. 

This is just a picture at a low angle of my living room after kids have played in it all day, and you can see some of my laundry in the back. There's even a baby in there if you look closely. Not a great photograph, but a snapshot of my life in this season.

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Sarah Jane said...

This is the sort of scene you feel is branded on your brain, but is really neat to see later. Like it.