Thursday, January 21, 2010

Breaking Rules 1

Last night I looked through much of my first year of Photo Dilettante. I noticed that often when I wrote about my pictures I wrote that I had struggled to take pictures that day--I just didn't feel like it or wasn't inspired.

During that year I bought the book The Art of Seeing by Freeman Patterson. I picked the book up again yesterday, and decided to make better use of it in this year of making pictures. The book is filled with simple exercises to inspire and stretch your creativity. I've decided that I am going to use these exercises to give me a little push, especially on the days that I feel less than creative.

I wasn't terribly pleased with yesterday's picture, but I knew that if I wanted to get this going again, I just needed to get started and not put too much pressure on myself which could end up causing me to procrastinate. So I just took the first picture I found.

Today I did the first exercise Patterson mentions in his book, which is to list the rules of "good" photography, and then break them. The first rule he mentions is, Hold your camera steady when shooting a picture.


Julie Longacre said...

i'm so inspired, mindy! hmmmm... what rule should i break today? better pick a good one. :) so glad you're back. i love looking at your pictures! julie

Eric Chen said...

yay! this will be fun to read :)