Friday, October 5, 2007

Painted Asphalt

In the last 24 hours I've travelled by car, pickup truck, bus and train and I've seen downtown Cleveland, downtown Chicago and the mighty Mississippi River. But I didn't take any pictures of any of those things. Instead, I have this picture of some painted asphalt outside the Amtrak station in Alton Illinois.

I was hoping to have all kinds of great travelling pictures, but I left on a bus from Cleveland at midnight, arrived in Chicago around 6:00 AM, had to get to the track to get on a train at about 6:45, and when I got off the train and saw what I thought would make a great shot of one of the Amtrak employees standing on the steps of the train as it pulled away, I didn't have time to pull my camera out of the bag and take a picture. Travelling by myself was a little to hectic to make a good photo shoot.

But while I was waiting for Mark's aunt and uncle to pick me up at the station, I did look down and think this looked like an interesting shot. Hopefully the rest of our weekend here in the St. Louis area will provide more picture opportunities.

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Dave said...

Just stumbled onto your blog, and love the pictures. You are a very talented photographer!!!