Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December Blooms

I don't know what these little flowers are, but I was pleasantly surprised to find them still blooming outside at the Cleveland Botanical Garden today. Sixty degree weather three days before Christmas in Cleveland is a nice change of pace.

This picture is another example, though, of what I've been finding frustrating about this picture-a-day project this time around. It's just so hard to take pictures the way I want to when I have two little boys to chase around. There were so many opportunities that I missed at the Botanical Garden today, including a great demonstration of two chameleons eating (with their 18 inch tongues!), but I couldn't have my camera out because I had to make sure my 2-year-old didn't run forward to grab them.

And I only had about two minutes to take this picture before the boys were screaming to keep moving--so no chance to make sure I had the right angle, focus, composition or exposure. Those little guys just never stop!

This does make me think, though, that perhaps rather than be frustrated that I can't make pictures the way I want to, maybe I should, at least some of the time, think about how to take different kinds of pictures given the season of life I'm in. Specifically, maybe I can work on taking pictures that capture the life of a mom and her two very busy little boys, instead of taking the typical still life and abstract photos I like to take. 

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