Friday, December 4, 2015

Carol & John's Comic Books

Tonight we went to Kamm's Corners "Winter Wonderland", featuring Santa and Star Wars Characters. We ended up spending the entire night in line, first to see Santa (never made it to the front of the line because the music was too loud the closer we got to where Santa was, and Isaac couldn't take it), and then to do a free carriage ride (which we never did because after waiting in line for almost an hour, we realized we still probably had a good 30 minutes left to wait and it was already way past the boys' bedtimes). 

Also I had hoped to get some good pictures of Isaac and the rest of us with some Star Wars characters, but that didn't happen either...We did see a few sort of recognizable characters (Jango and Boba Fett, Kylo Ren from the new movie, a stormtrooper in Hoth battle gear), but no good pics. The event basically happened in a strip mall, kind of on the sidewalk in front of some stores and kind of in the parking lot. And it was dark. Not a great set up for pictures.  

Remarkably, in spite of all that, we still had a nice time, especially since our good friends Mike and Steph, and Joe and Sheila were with us. And the boys were actually pretty happy for most of the time. So not a total failure.

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