Friday, July 6, 2007

Evil Kitty

This cute little thing is currently called Sophie and is one of two kittens that Mark and I "adopted" from southern Ohio over the fourth of July. I caught her at just the right moment to make her look quite devilish. The other kitten, whose name is currently Sasha, is almost all black, but has some brown sprinkled in. They are both very playful and seem to like people. They had already been named when we got them, but we are thinking we might change their names. Anyone have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Love the picture! I've been trying to do that with my two 'furries' for two years now and can never get it just right...

As far as names-- How about July, since you got her on the 4th? And the other cutie... Sasha-- how about Adams (as in John Adams)? Patriotic names for 4th of July cats =^.^= =^.^=

Thank you for your wonderful pictures-- I keep coming back for more!

Rebecca said...

I have a friend who is considering names for her two cats (before she even gets them). She thinks she'll choose names that relate to her favorite hobby: cooking. So maybe she'll name one Cumin and one Coriander, or something like that.

So why not name your kitties something having to do with photography? Like Flash and... maybe... I don't know. Sorry.

I love your photos! Lynne introduced me. You are a wonderful photographer. Thanks for sharing.

mle said...

Thanks so much for the suggestions and the comments. The difficulty for the names now is finding some that Mark and I both agree with. His current favorites are Hazel and Fiver (from Watership Down), but I'm liking Bono and the Edge... although both of these name pairs are boys and our kittens are girls. I like the idea of picking something from photography--maybe female photographers--Annie and Margaret (as in Leibovitz and Bourke-White)?