Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Anonymous said...

Wow - very cool!

Rebecca said...

Wonderful. An excellent photo.

I've introduced you on my blog. And copied this photo to it (with all credit going to you, of course). And set up a link from my blog to yours. Because I Really Think that other people should see and would love your photos.

I hope you don't mind.

mle said...

Rebecca--thanks so much, I don't mind your spreading the word. It's fun to know other people might enjoy my photos.

Anonymous said...

What I find delightful and beautiful in this picture is that the balance of color is just right. That red geranium in the flower pot draws the eye right to the top of the bubble then down again into the swirl of light in the bibble. Do you notice that the swirls look kind of like a child's face and maybe a little foot kicking out as if the bubble child is walking right down the rail? How playful and frisky! Well done with the cropping as well.