Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tomorrow's Breakfast


Rebecca said...

Okay, so do you eat the seeds? I mean, swallow the entire thing? Because I always spit out the kernel, or whatever it is. I'm talking about pomegranates, of course, which I love, and which I have been indulging in of late.

But here you have them mixed with mangoes or something and those you can chew and swallow. So what about the pomegranate pith?

mle said...

According to Mark's uncle, the seed is the best part of the pomegranate. It has something in it that is really good for you. So I eat them, similar to how I eat raspberry seeds--try not to chew down on them too much so they don't stick in my teeth.

I've been addicted to mango and pomegranate since Mark's uncle and aunt made a fruit salad including them at Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I'm drooling!!!

Have you ever tried a good green salad with pomegrantes? I personally love that!

I also love the picture-- very colourful!