Saturday, November 3, 2007



Anonymous said...

OHH! I se a series coming! I can easily imagine a series of toothbrush shots-colors, angles, shapes and sizes-some even with toothpaste! Perfect housewarming gifts. Awesome bathroom decor!
You go girl!

mle said...

I like this idea! I just might have to try it...Anyone know where I could sell something like this?

Anonymous said...

Here in Durham NC there are certain cozy local restaurants and coffee shops that display local artist's pieces with prices marked. In Chapel Hill a homegrown restaurant keeps a series on sale of world market places, veggies (you have some of those) fruits, people...In Philly I saw a series of time elapsed photos of car lights on sale in a Starbucks. Make friends with your favorite spots. Lots of folks like to sell for frequent patrons.

And seriously...what dentist wouldn't love to host a few of these kinds of shots on his/her walls for a season! Ask and the door shall be opened!
Praying for an opening for your gifts and talents!