Friday, November 30, 2007

Phoenix Coffee

We went here tonight to read the Brothers Karamazov. We have until 4:00 tomorrow to finish.


Rebecca said...

This is Lynne's friend writing here: Why do you have until 4 p.m. to read TBK? And who is your translator, please? A recent translation has been recommended to me, and I'm wondering if that's the one you have and, if so, how you like it?


mle said...

Rebecca--Mark and I are in a book club, and our discussion was the next Saturday at 4.
The translation is Pevear and Volokhonsky--it was excellent. It did a great job of keeping Dostoevsky's humor in tact, and was fairly easy to read.

Rebecca said...

Thanks. This new translation is the one recommended to me by my professor at Duke. I think I'll add it to my Christmas wish-list. I read TBK once before and (philistine that I am) I didn't like it. I think it's time to give it another try.