Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The End for Now

I just posted my last pictures from China, and the last pictures for my year, which officially ended on March 28. It's hard to believe I made it to the end--although there were a few days I missed in the last couple of months. I have to say it was so nice on Saturday to think "Oh, yeah, I don't have to take any pictures today."

I have learned a lot in this year, including the fact that I have a lot more to learn about photography. I'm looking forward to my next project, which will start in May. I haven't decided what my first theme will be, but I have a few weeks to figure it out. I also don't know if I will use a new blog or keep going on this one--check back here to find out.

It has been fun hearing from all of you who have followed this blog. It kept me going knowing that there were many of you checking each day for a new picture!

I'll see you all in about a month...

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Anonymous said...

LOL! I keep coming to your blog out of habit... can't wait for you to start the new project :o)