Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We are leaving for Beijing in a couple of hours, so I'm going to shoot off a quick post with some pictures. I've been shooting mostly on Aperture priority, rather than auto, so I've been learning a lot. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to change a setting or two when moving to a new spot. Today I forgot to change the ISO from last night when we were in a dark theater. So their is "noise" in my outdoor sunny pictures. Aaarrgghhh! Well, since I'm not planning to publish any of these I guess it's not a big deal. And, again, I'm learning a ton.

I'll post again when we return from Beijing. I hope I have enough disk space for the pictures I'll take while we're there!


Anonymous said...

Mindy, the last picture looks like a Chinese antique market. Amazing, there are even Buddas there!
We are loving the pictures! Mom E.

Sarah Jane said...

I missed a bunch of these last time I looked, I hadn't realized you had several posts. Still not sure which one is the temple...