Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I've been in a slump lately, partly because I've been so busy and had a lot on my mind, so I haven't taken time for photographing. I just snap a few pictures whenever I get the chance, and that usually results in not so great shots. And usually I don't get that chance until after the sun goes down, which makes it even harder because the lighting is so bad.

So, I decided to start the collection of photographic accessories--I bought a flash. My camera comes with a built-in flash, but that only allows me to cast a pretty harsh light on my subjects, causing dramatic shadows, and is really only helpful for snapshots. My new flash can be pointed somewhere other than directly on the subject, bouncing off walls or ceiling, which gives me the capability of taking handheld shots that aren't blurry and aren't so harshly lit.

I messed around with this today for only a few minutes, but it was so nice to be able to take pictures inside, after dark, and not have such trouble with the lighting. I can't wait till next week when I spend time with family, to try some portrait/candid photography, without worrying too much about lighting.

Just for the sake of comparison, below I'm posting three similar shots--1 with no flash, 1 with direct flash and 1 with the flash bouncing off the ceiling.


LN said...

Ooh, that makes me want a bounce flash!!

Anonymous said...

i want to eat some fruit now